In the title role, Michael Nansel exhibited an exceptionally vivid and powerful baritone, and he swaggered and blundered with engaging unself-consciousness.

  • Opera  News 07/26/2017

Rodrigo (Don Carlo)

Nansel sang with alternating steel and velvet, encountering few difficulties with his role’s perilously high tessitura.

  • 09/30/2015    

The Barber of Seville

In the title role, baritone Michael Nansel proved to be a marvelous Figaro, with a robust voice and a great sense of comedy.

  • Wichita   Eagle 06/01/2014 

Dr. Malatesta (Don Pasquale)

...the utter beauty of his voice, harnessed with exceptional technique, was coupled with fine acting and stage presence. 

  • Wichita Eagle 04/22/2012

Fred Grahamn (Kiss Me Kate)

...the top banana is unquestionably Michael Nansel.

  • Washington Post 03/08/2007

Don Giovanni

...particularly Michael Nansel’s finely sung and nuanced Giovanni, who came across as the consummate sexual predator — powerful, charming and amoral.

  • Washington Post 10/09/2011